ASAPbio newsletter vol 11 – Peer review meeting, peer review service proposal, welcome new board members

Dear subscribers,

Hope 2018 is off to a great start for you! We have a few exciting announcements:

Save the date: Transparency, Recognition, and Innovation in Peer Review in the Life Sciences

On February 7-8, tune in to to watch a webcast of a meeting we’re co-hosting with HHMI and Wellcome Trust on how we can modernize and improve peer review. We want to engage as much of the community as possible through several routes:

  1. Authors, reviewers, editors, publishers: please take our general survey on peer review! This will help to shape discussion at the meeting.
  2. Read commentary on peer review here. Interesting in writing your own? Please email
  3. Join in on the discussion with #bioPeerReview before, during, and after the meeting!

Peer Feedback: a proposal for a journal-agnostic peer review service

Ahead of the meeting, we’ve put forth a proposal for a scientist-driven, journal-independent peer review service called Peer Feedback. You can read the full proposal here, and we welcome your feedback via email, in the comments of the blog post, or on social media (@ASAPbio_ on Twitter). We’re also collecting feedback from authors and reviewers, especially in biology, in our survey on Peer Feedback. If this describes you, please fill out both this survey and the more general one above.

Welcome new board members!

Prachee Avasthi

Heather Joseph

We’re thrilled to welcome two new members to ASAPbio’s board of directors: Heather Joseph, Executive Director of SPARC and Prachee Avasthi, Assistant Professor at University of Kansas Medical Center!

Heather is a strong advocate for open access, data, and educational resources, and brings deep experience with advocacy, coalition building, and the publishing industry to our board.

Prachee is a leader among early career researchers (she’s the founder of New PI Slack) and a strong proponent of preprints and their use in innovative ways, for example as the foundation of preprint journal clubs.

We’re looking forward to working with them!

Jessica Polka
Director, ASAPbio