The report from the workshop has been published (pdf archived 2/1/2017)

ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in biology) will host a Preprint Service Technical Workshop at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. This one day meeting will be a gathering of technical representatives from existing preprint servers, repositories, aggregators, libraries, and other services.

As a starting premise for this meeting, we are envisioning the development of a new Central Preprint Service for biology that could aggregate content from multiple existing servers and provide valuable discovery and data mining services for scientists, intake servers, and other innovators who might want to develop new services. The output of the meeting, together with community feedback, will inform a proposal to a consortium of interested funders, which may result in a Request for Information (RFI) and a subsequent funding opportunity.

Proposed service

We are requesting community feedback on the Central Service model documents listed below:

Meeting information

Video recordings by session