Yochai Benkler Harvard Law School Co-Director, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Jeremy Berg U. Pittsburgh Associate Senior Vice Chancellor for Science Strategy and Planning, Former NIGMS DIrector
Stefano Bertuzzi American Society of Microbiology Executive Director, ASM
Needhi Bhalla UC Santa Cruz Associate Professor
Peter Binfield PeerJ Co-founder, PeerJ
Philip Bourne NIH Associate Director for Data Science, NIH
Monica Bradford AAAS Executive Editor, Science Magazine
Ralf Bundschuh Ohio State University Chairman of the SAB, arXiv
Edward Campion New England Journal of Medicine Executive Editor, NEJM
Danielle Carnival Office of Science and Technology Policy Assistant Director, Education
Martin Chalfie Columbia Professor, Nobel Laureate
Daniel Colón-Ramos Yale University Organizer, Founder CienciaPR
Kevin Davies American Chemical Society VP Business Development & Publisher
Samuel Diaz-Muñoz NYU Assistant Professor
David Drubin UC Berkeley Editor-in-Chief, Molecular Biology of the Cell
Mike Eisen UCB Co-Founder of PLoS, Open Access Advocate
Daniel Ford Johns Hopkins University Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation
James Fraser UCSF Junior Faculty
Thierry Galli Inserm Research Director French Alliance of Life and Health Sciences
Kenneth Gibbs NIH, NIGMS Program Analyst
Paul Ginsparg Cornell University Founder, arXiv
Judith Glaven HHMI Senior Science Officer
Jon Glover Wiley VP of Peer Review and Open Access Operations
Glenda Gray * University of the Witwatersrand President, South African Research Council
Eric Green NIH Director, National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH
Carol Greider Johns Hopkins University Nobel Laureate
Giovanna Guerrero-Medina Yale Executive Director, CienciaPR
Pinar Gurel NIH Postdoc
Michael Hendricks McGill University Assistant Professor
John Inglis Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Executive Director, CSHL Press
Chonnettia Jones Wellcome Trust Head of Insight and Analysis Strategy, Wellcome
Heather Joseph SPARC Executive Director
Robert Kiley Wellcome Trust Head of Digital Services, Wellcome Library
Susan King Rockefeller Press Executive DIrector, Rockefeller Press
Marc Kirschner Harvard Medical School Chair of Systems Biology
Harlan Krumholtz Yale University Editor-in-Chief, Circulation
Christine Laine Annals of Internal Medicine Editor-in-Chief
Michael Lauer NIH Deputy Director of Extramural Research, NIH
Ruth Lehmann NYU Chair of Cell Biology
Maria Leptin EMBL Director of EMBO
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Janelia Farm & NIH Scientific Group Leader
Jon Lorsch NIH Director, NIGMS
Emilie Marcus Cell Press Editor-in-Chief, Cell Press
Elizabeth Marincola PLOS CEO
Gary McDowell Tufts Postdoc and Co-organizer of FOR Boston 2015
Johanna McEntyre EMBL-EBI Director, Europe PMC
Daniel Mietchen NIH/NLM/NCBI PhD Contractor
Richard Nakamura NIH Director of the Center for Scientific Review, NIH
James Olds NSF Assistant Director, Biological Sciences DIrectorate, NSF
Abel Packer SciELO Founder, SciELO
Jessica Polka Harvard Medical School Organizer, Postdoc, Former Co-Chair of ASCB COMPASS
Bernd Pulvere EMBO Journal Head, EMBO Publications
Omar Quintero University of Richmond Assistant Professor
Brooke Rosenzweig Helmsley Trust Program Officer, Helmsley
Randy Schekman UC Berkeley Editor-in-Chief, eLife and Nobel Laureate
Richard Sever Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Assistant Director, CSHL Press
John Skehel Crick Institute Vice President, Royal Society
John Spiro Simons Foundation Deputy Scientific Director, SFARI
Michael Stebbins Arnold Foundation VP Science and Technology
Paula Stephan Georgia State Professor, Department of Economics, Usery Workplace Research Group
Bruce Stillman Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Director, CSHL
Carly Strasser Moore Foundation Program Officer, Data-Driven Discovery Initiative
Sowmya Swaminathan Nature & Nature Journals Head of Editorial Policy
Neil Thakur NIH Special Assistant to the Deputy Director for Extramural Research
Annette Thomas Springer Nature CSO
Vitek Tracz F1000Research Founder, F1000
Paul Turner Yale Chair, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ron Vale UCSF Organizer, Lasker Awardee
Harold Varmus Cornell Medical Center Organizer, Nobel Laureate, Former NIH and NCI Director
Inder Verma Salk Institute Editor-in-Chief, PNAS
K VijayRaghavan * DST India Secretary of the Dept. of Biotechnology, India
Leslie Vosshall Rockefeller University Senior Faculty
Maggie Werner-Washburne U. New Mexico Past President, SACNAS
Jon Wilbanks Sage Bionetworks Chief Commons Officer
Cynthia Wolberger Johns Hopkins University Professor
Nieng Yan Tsinghua University Professor
Elias Zerhouni Sanofi President, Global R&D

* remote speaker