When talking about preprints, please feel free to reuse and build on the following resources, templates and master copies of ASAPbio resources, as per licence conditions: ASAPbio work is usually released for reuse under CC-BY licence (please reuse with attribution, no permission required but we love to hear if you’ve found it useful and any feedback you might have). Work from other contributors may be licensed differently, so please check!

Useful starting resources:

  • A one-pager of basic information about preprints and hyperlinks to further information: bit.ly/preprint-info –versions adapted for researchers in the UK and Africa are available (please adapt it to any other context, and let us know if we can share it here!)
  • PLOS’s preprints pages are a good example of how journals might communicate with their authors and readers
  • The recent history of preprints in biology (slides): timelines of preprint adoption in biology from 2007 to now with key events and in comparison to the published biomedical literature (from this data)

Previous talks about preprints, peer review and transparency in science

You are welcome to reuse slide decks created by ASAPbio (i.e. authored by Jessica Polka or Naomi Penfold). Please search below to find links to slide decks of the appropriate length and tailored for specific audiences by us and other contributors. Contribute your own talk for the listing below by adding it to this spreadsheet.

You can also find informational videos about preprints and event recordings on the ASAPbio YouTube channel.