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Monday, 8/29

7:00p Dinner
Attendees are welcome to demo a product, project or service during this time from their own laptop/tablet. Demos will be optional and on-demand.

Tuesday, 8/30 – American Academy of Arts and Sciences

8:30 Working breakfast
8:40 Introduction to ASAPbio (Ron Vale)
8:50 Welcome to the American Academy (John Randell, Senior Program Director and Advisor to the President)
9:00 Goals for the workshop (Jessica Polka) – Slides
Presentation on desired use cases (James Fraser)
Format of the breakout sessions (Jessica Polka)
9:30 Breakout session 1 – Ingest
Group 1A (Council room): Architecture, APIs, metadata, and file formats of existing preprint servers/platforms/journals
Group 1B (Board room): Capabilities of document conversion services (.doc or latex to .xml/.html)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Report from breakout sessions and discussion
11:15 Breakout session 2 – Screening
Group 2A (Council room): Tools for automated screening – plagiarism, image manipulation, author authentication
Group 2B (Board room): Interfaces and approaches for human moderation and curation
12:15 Working lunch
12:30 Report from breakout sessions and discussion
1:00 Breakout session 3 – Storage and database organization
Group 3A (Council room): Data storage models (and linking to external datasets)
Group 3B (Board room): Identifiers, versioning, linking (including to journal publications)
2:00 Report from breakout sessions and discussion
2:30 Coffee break
2:45 Breakout session 4 – Search and journals
Group 4A (Council room): Search and bibliometrics tools; syndicating content to external search tools
Group 4B (Board room): Enabling access by individuals, journal content management systems, and others
3:45 Report from breakout sessions and discussion
4:15 Summary and next steps
5:00 Adjourn