To drive our mission to raise awareness of preprints and encourage their productive use in the life sciences, we work closely with the ASAPbio Community, a group of researchers and others involved in research communication who interact and exchange information and feedback around the use of preprints.

We are keen to support those with an interest in learning more about preprints and in developing skills to become a resource for your community. If you are interested in a deep dive into the preprint landscape, or in developing your own preprint initiative, then our ASAPbio Fellow program is for you! 

The Fellow program runs for six months and provides participants with tools and skills to drive discussions about the productive use of preprints in the life sciences, so that they can become ASAPbio representatives at their institutions or scientific conferences. 

‘I was already interested in preprints, and participating in the ASAPbio fellows program helped me build a support network for continued work and advocacy efforts. Definitely well worth the time and effort!’ — ASAPbio Fellow program 2020 cohort participant

Applications for the 2021 cohort of the Fellow program are now closed, but if you are interested in getting involved, do join our ASAPbio Community or get in touch ( and we’d be happy to provide further information about our activities.

The ASAPbio Fellow program involves a number of activities including:

  • Initial orientation session for an overview of the program
  • Monthly group calls covering preprint-related topics including:
    • Overview of the landscape of preprints: context, trends, preprint servers, preprint review initiatives
    • Handling conversations about preprints, principles and practice 
    • Community engagement options and tips for driving engagement initiatives
    • Communication and outreach skills
  • Work on a project in collaboration with other Fellows
  • Sign up for ASAPbio newsletter and Slack, to engage with the broader ASAPbio Community

You can find more information on the ASAPbio Fellow program Handbook, or you can also check out the 2020 cohort of ASAPbio Fellows and their accomplishments as part of the program. Fellows are also ASAPbio Community members.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us on Twitter @ASAPbio_ or email Iratxe at