The 2020 cohort of the ASAPbio Fellows program included 26 participants who worked on six projects, you can read more about the projects, their accomplishments and the 2020 Fellows below.

Interested in the ASAPbio Fellows program? You can read more about the program on the Handbook, or contact Iratxe at with any questions.

2020 ASAPbio Fellows’ projects

ProjectASAPbio Fellows Project items
Organize a preprint eventBradley Alicea, Marco Fumasoni, Yamini Ravichandran, Sarah Stryeck‘The past, the present and the future of preprints’ online panel event 19 October 2020, recording here and blog post here
Handbook guide to organize online events
Preprint journal clubsChristine Cuccinotta, Sandra Franco Iborra, Thabiso Motaung, Fabio Palmieri, Pablo Ranea-RoblesNovember 2020 Community Call, recording here
Journal clubs around the world survey
The benefits of preprint journal clubs infographic
Engaging with the clinical community about preprintsVanessa Bortoluzzi, Kirsty Ferguson, Suraj Kannan, Aleksandra PetelskiClinician’s Corner, a blog series aimed at opening the dialogue surrounding preprint usage in the clinical community
Welcome to Clinician’s Corner
An interview with Dr Karin Purshouse
How might preprints benefit sharing clinical trial results?
From a “Forgotten Experiment” in the 1960s to today: Clinical Preprints in the Light of History
Preprint-related infographicsAna Dorrego-Rivas, Carrie Iwema, Mafalda PimentelFive preprint-related infographics, available via the Preprint FAQ (associated translations to Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian coming soon)
Training course – the scientific process and where preprints fit
Vanessa Bortoluzzi, Jonny Coates, Gautam Dey, Tara Fischer, Gilbert Kibet-Rono, Aleksandra PetelskiTraining course materials in progress
The future of preprints vs. ‘classical’ publishing -scenario buildingGiri Athrey, Corrado NaiBlog post exploring possible future scenarios here
Twine game

2020 ASAPbio Fellows