What is your current role? Tell us a bit about your line of research

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, working on the molecular drivers of cancer stem cells in an aggressive adult brain cancer called glioblastoma. Using normal neural stem cells and patient-derived cancer stem cells, I am investigating the role of a key neurodevelopmental transcription factor on self-renewal.

What are you excited about in science communication?

I think the uptake of preprints in recent months will be a catalyst for changing how science is communicated. It is exciting to see how the publication system is becoming more open and inclusive, and how new platforms are enabling early career researchers to contribute to a change in the status quo.

Why did you choose to participate in the ASAPbio Fellows program?

I chose to participate in the ASAPBio Fellows program to increase my knowledge around preprints and open science communication. It is important for researchers to understand, and help to improve, the scientific publishing process – this program is increasing my own awareness and will enable me to have productive discussions with others around open science. It is also great to meet and learn from researchers from around the world.

Ask me about…

Brains, photography, mental health and baking!