R. Dyche Mullins
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Mark Patterson
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Jesse Bloom
Daniel Colón-Ramos

Interim President


Associate Director

As Associate Director of ASAPbio, Naomi is leading activities to engage the research community around the use of preprints for biology. She cares about improving transparency and inclusion in processes that affect how scientists do their work, from the evaluation of manuscripts to the design of everyday tools. Community management: Naomi is a CEFP2019 fellow with the…

Executive Director

As Executive Director of ASAPbio, Jessica leads initiatives related to peer review and oversees the organization’s general administrative and strategic needs. Background: Before becoming a visiting scholar at the Whitehead Institute, Jessica performed postdoctoral research in the department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School (2013-2016) following a PhD in Biochemistry from UCSF (2012). She…

Cynthia Wolberger

Vice President

Victoria Yan

Peer Review Registry Coordinator (Intern)

James Fraser

Secretary and Treasurer

Phil Bourne
Tony Hyman
Heather Joseph
Jennifer Lin
Kristen Ratan
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