What is your current role? Tell us a bit about your research

Jiban is a versatile information specialist, habilitated digital archivist, and a founder member of the Re3data Editorial Board. He earned his PhD from the University of Calcutta (India) and was a Visiting Fellow of the ICTP-Trieste (Italy), sponsored by UNESCO. He is impassioned to build the capacities of R&D organizations for digital scholarship through open-science infrastructure. He has been serving the Indian Statistical Institute for more than twenty years and also acts as a Nodal Officer of the Indian Research Information Network System. He received the prestigious InfoShare Award of the ASIS&T (USA) in 2021 and was also recognized as a jury of the International Paper Contest for 2022. He is currently a member of the DataCite APAC Expert Team and FORCE11 Board of Directors. He used to perform as a reviewer of leading information science journals published by Springer, Emareld, OUP, and PLoS. His areas of research and teaching interest include digital archiving, metadata engineering, research data management, and open science.

Why did you choose to participate in the ASAPbio Fellows program?

This Fellows Program is a promise for me in addressing the needs of promoting open science and developing open science infrastructure. However, it will enable me to connect with the fellow members so as to reach out multiple stakeholders interacting with preprints archive managers and wider communities from developing countries as well. Indeed my interest goes through the dynamics of research activities toward making the science as an open enterprise.

What are you excited about in science communication?

I am excited toward bridging the gap between open science declarations of different agencies and complicated pricing practices of many publishing houses. Nevertheless, my sincere efforts in developing open science practices in developing countries. I stand committed to rendering my best efforts for pursuing this academic assignment with my best efforts.

Ask me about….

Conducting surveys on FAIR and Open data practices…. and organizing workshop/ symposia. Otherwise, curious to talk with the innovative authors regarding success stories of open science and preprint archiving.

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