To drive ASAPbio’s mission to raise awareness of preprints and encourage their productive use in the life sciences, we work closely with the ASAPbio Community, a group of researchers and others involved in research communication who interact and exchange information and feedback around the use of preprints.

The ASAPbio Community members:

• Interact via Slack and community calls

• Receive monthly newsletters

• Contribute to projects to promote the use of preprints


Community guidelines

The Community endorses the following values and good practice guidelines:

  • Show respect for other members of the ASAPbio community, as well as the larger research community
  • Use collegial, professional and inclusive language
  • Value and respect different viewpoints and experiences, including constructive feedback
  • Encourage diversity
  • Share information, resources, requests or experiences that are of relevance to the broader ASAPbio Community and align to the goals of ASAPbio

More information on the ASAPbio Community guidelines and Code of Conduct is available on the ASAPbio Code of Conduct page.

Community Calls

We hold bimonthly calls with the ASAPbio Community, hosted via zoom. The calls are an opportunity for the Community to get updates about initiatives related to preprints, and provide or request input on ongoing projects.

Why attend an ASAPbio Community call?

  • Get updates on what’s going on in the preprints space
  • Opportunity to exchange with other members of the ASAPbio Community and to get involved in upcoming activities
  • Get sneak previews of projects and activities ASAPbio is running
  • Get input or feedback on preprint-related projects you are involved with

ASAPbio Community Call  August 2020 – Preprints in the media

Our next ASAPbio community call will take place on 27 August 2020 at noon EST/5pm BST. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented number of papers posted as a preprint and preprints are now regularly mentioned in media coverage about the pandemic. While this provides an opportunity to raise awareness and education about preprints among researchers and the public, it also brings challenges around the risk for research information to be shared out of context, and the need for clarity and transparency about the difference between preprints and peer-reviewed articles.

We will discuss these issues with James Fraser, Professor at the University of California San Francisco and with the science journalist Roxanne Khamsi. We will also seek feedback from the Community on approaches to address or mitigate potential risks.

Our Community calls include a section for updates from the Community – do you have a preprint-related project where you need help or input? If so, add a few details on the agenda for a lightning presentation to the group.

Date: August 27 at noon EST/5pm BST


Join the ASAPbio Community

By joining the ASAPbio Community, you will have an opportunity to get updates around preprints use, connect with others with an interest in preprints and help spark conversations about the benefits and challenges of preprint posting.

ASAPbio also runs a Fellow program, a six-month program aimed at providing tools and skills to drive discussions about the productive use of preprints in the life sciences. The ASAPbio Fellows are also part of the larger ASAPbio Community.

We look forward to working with you! We always welcome ideas and feedback, if you have any queries or comments about the ASAPbio Community, please do get in touch by emailing Iratxe at