We outline below our priorities for 2023 and associated projects for each of our three strategic goals. We welcome contacts from groups interested in collaborations around any of the projects outlined, for contacts or any queries, please email jessica.polka@asapbio.org. You can also view our 2022 roadmap.

1. Support culture change through community programs and outreach

ASAPbio will drive the initiatives below to grow and diversify the ASAPbio Community:

  • Complete a fourth cohort of the Fellows program 
  • Increase visibility and engagement of ASAPbio in different geographical areas via a “local hubs” program pilot
  • Grow representation in the ASAPbio Community of researchers based in Asia, Africa and Latin America, via outreach as part of our programs (Fellows program, Community Action Group) and participation in events for an audience in these geographical regions
  • Explore collaborative marketing campaign with like-minded orgs to re-energize preprint adoption 

2. Promote constructive preprint review

ASAPbio will drive the initiatives below to grow the public review of preprints:

  • Disseminate messages and outputs from the Recognizing Preprint Review Meeting (December, 2022)
  • Host a series of live events to promote preprint commenting
  • Engage first-time reviewers in preprint review
  • Host a convening on preprint review infrastructure
  • Expand and promote the Publish Your Reviews campaign 
  • Extend the crowd preprint review framework and complete a third cycle of activities 

3. Expand the usage of preprints to share science earlier

ASAPbio will promote the use of preprints for sharing early research work though these activities:

  • Campaign to encourage sharing of early work via preprints
  • Host journal clubs to encourage early posting & feedback on early preprints
  • Develop metrics to measure preprints in progress
  • Explore collaborations with scientific societies and other organizations