What is your current role? Tell us a bit about your work

I’m the Scholarly Communication Librarian at the University of Pittsburgh’s Health Sciences Library System. I provide training and consultation support on a wide range of publishing topics, such as disseminating all types of scholarly outputs, increasing research visibility, and ways to track and communicate research impact.

Why did you choose to participate in the ASAPbio Fellows program?

A colleague of mine was an ASAPbio Fellow and had great things to say about their experience. I currently teach an introduction class on preprints at my institution, but I’d like to expand my knowledge of preprints to provide more in-depth educational support and outreach. I also saw this as an opportunity to connect with and learn from others who have an interest in preprints.

What are you excited about in science communication?

There’s a lot to be excited about in science communication right now—open peer review, open access publishing, and new publication models that incorporate preprints. I’m also very interested in improving the researcher’s experience with publishing, since it can sometimes be an overwhelming process for new and experienced authors alike. I’m excited to help researchers become better equipped to make informed publishing decisions, including how posting preprints benefits them and science as a whole.

Ask me about...

Running! I’m training for my first full marathon and always like to hear from others about their experiences and perspectives on running at any level.

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