What is your current role? Tell us a bit about your research

I am Senior Scientific Researcher at Genentech Inc, working in the early discovery biochemistry department where I use robots and DNA-encoded technologies to identify peptide therapeutics.

What are you excited about in science communication?

I am keenly interested in experiments that disrupt the current scientific publication paradigm. Modern ways to share our research data quickly, clearly, and without as much work for the researcher will only speed up and democratize scientific research.

Why did you choose to participate in the ASAPbio Fellow program?

I love the idea and process of preprinting manuscripts. I have been frustrated by recent co-authors who are unwilling or uninterested in preprinting, and I want to learn more about the pros / cons of preprinting and so I can be more convincing next time!
I also want to reimagine the way post-publication conversation happens. Papers shouldn’t go to preprint servers or journal archives and die! We need new tools that leverage the power of the internet to make research articles living documents.

Ask me about…

In my non-research time I am currently making a science video game! At its best, research is fun, and I think that fun can be captured and shared with the broader public to help demystify the research process 🙂

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