What is your current role? Tell us a bit about your research

I am a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I conduct research on public participation in scholarly journal, peer review training, and public engagement with science with a focus on science communication and science-society

Why did you choose to participate in the ASAPbio Fellows program?

I choose to participate in the ASAPbio Fellows program to understand more about a) how the public can contribute to the review of manuscripts, b) how preprints can be a door for early career researchers to learn how to peer review, c) how we should communicate science to the public when talking about preprints, d) I am considering to apply for job as a preprint community manager

What are you excited about in science communication?

I like to find ways to connect science and society. I think that preprints can be a bridge between science and society. I would like to help improve the way that the peer review process and research results are shared on the news. I am very concerned about how preprints have been used to decrease trust in science. One of my dreams is to write a book for children about the scholarly communication cycle.

Ask me about….

I love to talk about vintage clothes. I love fashion in general and dress up to attend conferences.

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