As Associate Director of ASAPbio, Naomi is leading activities to engage the research community around the use of preprints for biology. She cares about improving transparency and inclusion in processes that affect how scientists do their work, from the evaluation of manuscripts to the design of everyday tools.

Community management: Naomi is a CEFP2019 fellow with the AAAS’s Community Engagement Fellowship Programme, run by Lou Woodley and colleagues at the Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement. In January, the CEFP2019 fellows convened at AAAS headquarters in DC for a training week to kickoff the fellowship. In March, Naomi shared insights into the current research and design process to revitalise the ASAPbio ambassador programme.

Background: Prior to joining ASAPbio, Naomi worked as Innovation Officer (2016-2018) and Events Coordinator (2016) with eLife. Naomi graduated with a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge in 2017.


Email: naomi dot penfold at asapbio dot org

Outside of ASAPbio, Naomi enjoys drawing, consuming TV and books with great character development, and meeting up with friends. Fun fact: Naomi can run a half-marathon without training, but not gracefully. Current karaoke go-to: Rolling in the Deep (Adele).