“I’m interested in preprinting my manuscript, but what will the journal(s) I hope to submit to think about that?”

In June 2019, we launched TRANSPOSE, a searchable online database of journal policies at https://transpose-publishing.github.io/ — visit this website to compare the preprint policies of up to 3 journals at a time.

TRANSPOSE is a grassroots initiative aiming to crowdsource a list of journal policies for (1) open peer review, (2) co-reviewer involvement, and (3) pre-printing (displayed below is a preliminary listing of journal preprint policies; please visit https://transpose-publishing.github.io/ for the most up-to-date data and a better user experience).Anyone can edit or add new records here. Original contributions are licensed CC0.

A listing of preprint policies covering more journals (though not broken down by specific policy area) can be found at SHERPA/RoMEO.

Click on “Columns” to display different policies