Until February 15, 2016, this page contained an anonymous survey that asked participants for their opinions on preprints. The survey posed questions about awareness of preprints, opinions on proposed policy changes, and perceived barriers to preprint adoption. Since the survey design enriched for those with an interest in preprints, the results may not represent the views of the community as a whole. However, the 392 responses we gathered point to several clear conclusions:

  1. Over 90% of respondents are dissatisfied with the current state of publishing in biology.
  2. Only a minority of respondents have posted a preprint, but those who have are very happy with the experience.
  3. Respondents favor acceptance of preprints as a valid form of scientific communication, the ability to list preprints on grant applications, and indexing and commenting on preprints.
  4. If three important barriers to preprint use were removed (ie, if preprints could be used to communicate priority of discovery, were accepted by funding agencies, and allowed by journals) the majority of respondents would be very likely to submit a preprint – much more likely than they are now.

Please see data below.

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Preprint opinions graphic

You can view the raw data here or at figshare.