This meeting was held at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 from 10:30am – 5:30pm EDT. It was live-streamed.

The preprint ecosystem is growing rapidly. The CZI/bioRxiv partnership will fuel the expansion of the leading preprint server in the life sciences. Many other servers and platforms exist or are planned, with varying degrees of disciplinary overlap (arXiv, PeerJ Preprints,, OSF Preprints, ChemRxiv, SSRN, SciELO, PsyArxiv, EngArXiv, SocArXiv, Authorea, F1000Research, etc). Funding agencies are enacting policies supporting preprints, such as those developed by the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council, while agencies like the NIH have gone a step further and developed guidelines for selecting a preprint server. Furthermore, the integration of preprints into the research culture will open doors for the publication of other types of interim research products such as theses, hypotheses, protocols, single-figure publications, data papers, software papers, etc.

The goal of this meeting is to identify any gaps/opportunities in the preprint ecosystem, which in turn will help to inform the revision of ASAPbio’s plans before the close of our RFA suspension.

Remote participation: Video stream, collaborative notes, and Twitter

Watch live via our YouTube channel, contribute to the collaborative notes, and add questions or comments on Twitter with #ASAPbio.


Wednesday, July 19 – All times EDT

10:15         Arrivals and coffee
10:30         Welcome & goals of the meeting – Ron Vale and Jessica Polka (slides)
10:40         Welcome to the American Academy – John Randell
10:50         Overview of planned CZI-bioRxiv developments
.                         Jeremy Freeman, John Inglis, Richard Sever
.                        Questions (5 min)
11:15         Other planned preprint developments (10 min each, max)
.                        PLOS – Louise Page (slides)
.                        SciELO – Abel Packer (slides)
.                        bioRN – Gregg Gordon
.                        COS – Brian Nosek (slides)
.               – Martyn Rittman
.                        Others (from the floor)
12:00        Lunch
12:30         Open discussion on the preprint ecosystem and infrastructure needs
.                       Moderated by Robert Kiley
.                       Jeremy Freeman (verbal remarks)
.                       Phil Bourne (slides)
13:30         Existing funder recommendations – Moderated by Ron Vale
.                       Neil Thakur (slides)
.                       Discussion on additional recommendations/standards
14:30         Approaches to reinforcing standards/best practices
.                       Moderated by Jessica Polka (5 min each)
.                       Agreement among community of servers – Oya Rieger (slides)
.                       Whitelist/consumer reports – Carly Strasser
.                       Search tool indexing compliant servers – Jo McEntyre (slides)
.                       Educational module – Jeff Spies (verbal remarks)
.                       Discussion
15:45         Coffee break
16:00         Services to support preprints, such as manuscript screening and conversion
.                       Moderated by Ron Vale and Jessica Polka
16:45         Concluding thoughts from around the room – comments from participants
17:30         Adjourn

Attendee list

First name Last name Institution
Jordan Anaya*
Adriana Bankston* Future of Research
Jason Barkeloo* Open Therapeutics
Ivan Baxter* Danforth Center
Peter Binfield* PeerJ
Phil Bourne* UVA
Daniel Colón-Ramos Yale, ASAPbio
Megan Deichler The Helmsley Charitable Trust
Jeremy Freeman CZI
Matt Garcia* CIHR
Michele Garfinkel* EMBO
Paul Ginsparg* arXiv
Gregg Gordon SSRN
Josh Greenberg* Sloan Foundation
Casey Greene* University of Pennsylvania
Darla Henderson ChemRxiv
Sam Hindle* UCSF
John Inglis bioRxiv
Evelyn Jabri E&A Innovation Group
Robert Kiley Wellcome Trust
Danny Kingsley* University of Cambridge
Sam Klein Underlay
Emilie Marcus Sneak Peek
Alfonso Martinez Arias* University of Cambridge
Jo McEntyre EBI
Colten Noakes Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Brian Nosek COS
Abel Packer SciELO
Louise Page PLOS
Tony Peatfield MRC
Alberto Pepe Authorea
Chris Percopo* Helmsley Trust
Kate Perry Wiley
Jessica Polka ASAPbio
Oya Rieger* arXiv
Martyn Rittman* MDPI
Steve Royle* University of Warwick
John Sack* Highwire
Daniela Saderi* OHSU
Richard Sever bioRxiv
Jeff Spies COS
John Spiro Simons Foundation
Bodo Stern HHMI
Carly Strasser Moore Foundation
Neil Thakur NIH
Todd Toler Wiley
Ron Vale UCSF, ASAPbio
Dan Valen figshare
Emily White Focused Ultrasound Foundation

* by video conference