Major activities

1. Support culture change through community programs and outreach

ASAPbio completed the initiatives below to raise awareness of preprints across diverse communities:

  • Completed a third cohort of the Fellows program, with 31 fellows (20 from South America, Asia, and Africa) completing 6 projects, 4 of them involving contribution to 2022 ASAPbio activities
  • Increased visibility of ASAPbio in different geographical areas via collaborations with local open science groups from Asia, Africa & Latin America, with 5 virtual and 2 in-person events for these regions

2. Promote constructive preprint review

ASAPbio promoted adoption of preprint review via activities involving different stakeholders:

  • Launched the Publish Your Reviews campaign to encourage reviewers to post their journal reviews on the preprint for the paper they reviewed, with 80 signatories, and endorsement by 10 journals/publishers and 26 other supporters
  • Developed the crowd preprint review framework and completed a second cycle of activities with > 50 reviewer participants and 40 public preprint reviews posted 
  • Reviewed and expanded the Preprint Review Recruitment Network with participating journals making 124 total additions to their reviewer databases; 28 invitations to review and 62 invitations to advisory or editorial boards
  • Disseminated the FAST principles for preprint feedback and the Preprint Review Features (PReF) framework, now implemented at Sciety, Early Evidence Base, and ReimagineReview
  • Supported recognition for preprint reviews via a stakeholder convening (Recognizing Preprint Peer Review) with approx 60 attendees, ~200 livestream viewers, and 238 views of recording on YouTube

3. Expand the usage of preprints to share science earlier

ASAPbio undertook projects to encourage the use of preprints to share work beyond the journal article: 

How funding was spent

In 2022, ASAPbio received $250k in contributions ($100,000 from CZI, $100,000 from HHMI, and $50,000 from the Simons Foundation) as well as $19,063 in contracts/earned income and honoraria. The shortfall in the 2022 budget is covered by reserves.

Salaries and wages (Jessica Polka & Iratxe Puebla)$247,819.70
Contractors (Communications Assistant, graphic designer)$15,248.30
Accounting fees, insurance, organizational expenses$21,578.97
Services and supplies (telecommunications, web hosting, postage)$3,261.19
Travel and conferences$4,099.39
Total expenses$292,007.55