Many preprint servers are integrated with one or more journals, making it possible to submit to both a server and a journal at once. View these integrations in the Preprint Server Directory.

Preprint servers can also serve as a “marketplace” for journal editors to invite submissions to their journals. PLOS Genetics has “preprint editors,” described in this article. Proceedings of the Royal Society B also have a preprint editorial team. Read more on our page about journal policies and practices.

Commentary on preprints (whether on the preprint site, on social media, or on sites such as preLights, PREreview, or Peer Community In) can help authors to improve their paper, and could also be used to inform the journal peer review process. For example, PLOS is piloting a program in which authors can opt-in to having community comments on preprint servers considered by editors along with traditionally-submitted peer review. The Review Commons platform (a collaboration between ASAPbio and EMBO) allows authors to post refereed preprints which can also be submitted to affiliate journals.