Date: 2023-09-18
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Zoom

18 September 2023 at 8am San Francisco / 11am New York / 3pm UTC / 4pm London / 5pm Berlin / 8:30pm Mumbai

At our next Community call on 18 September 2023, we will discuss perspectives on preprint peer review models. Preprint peer review services have substantially increased in recent years. Each service operates in a different way, with some partnering with journals, some focussed on providing authors with reviews and some like a traditional journal. In January 2023, eLife became the first journal to shift it’s model toward providing reviews of preprints. PLOS Biology has partnered with a number of preprint peer review services to expedite the peer review process at their journals. In this call, we will hear about how these two journals have interacted with preprint peer review and how the editors and research community have adapted. There will be a Q&A session followed by an interactive whiteboard activity to collate the perspectives of attendees towards preprint peer review.

Fiona Hutton, Head of Publishing, eLife
Nonia Pariente, Editor in Chief, PLOS Biology