Date: 2023-05-30
Location: Zoom
ASAPbio community call: learning from community preprint adoption in the social sciences. Photos of Grace Binion and Philip Cohen

Tuesday, May 30, 9am San Francisco / 12pm New York / 4pm UTC / 5pm London / 6pm Berlin / 9:30pm Mumbai

Compared to other disciplines, biologists are preprint novices. For example, social scientists have been posting working papers to SSRN since 1994. But much has changed in the social sciences publishing landscape since that time, and a new wave of community preprint servers have launched over the last decade. In this interactive session, we will hear from preprint advocates in the social sciences about their community’s perceptions of the benefits and potential pitfalls of preprints. In discussing the strategies they’ve used to build communities of preprint users, we’ll identify areas of common ground with the life sciences and learn from their unique experiences in driving a more open publishing culture.


  • Grace Binion, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Furman University, and Scientific Advisory Board Member of PsyArXiv
  • Philip Cohen, Sociologist and demographer, University of Maryland, and Director of SocArXiv