Date: 2024-07-17

At our next Community call, on 17 July 2024, we will discuss the importance of trust markers and research integrity in addition to the newly proposed field of forensic scientometrics. In recent years, science has been experiencing a crisis in trust, with record numbers of retractions, news reports of fraudulent studies, lawsuits against scientists correcting the literature and a deep politicalization of research. With the increasing use of Ai, these issues are likely to worsen. Increasingly, scientists and other stakeholders are looking at markers of trust and improved research integrity. It appears that this will be a key feature of research articles and researcher assessment in the future. In this community call we will hear about some of these efforts in addition to the importance of recognising efforts around correcting the literature; forensic scientometrics. 


  • Leslie McIntosh; Vice President of Research Integrity, Digital Science

Date: 17 July 2024 at noon EST/9am PST/5pm GMT/6pm CET