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12/1/2015 Make your voice heard on preprints in biologyJessica PolkaASCB
2/7/2016Make your voice heard on the future of publishing in biology #ASAPBioGary McDowellFuture of Research
2/10/2016Does it take too long to publish research?Kendall PowellNature News
2/16/2016Science, get over yourself: Zika data-sharing should be the norm, not the exceptionIvan Oransky and Adam MarcusSTAT
2/16/2016Biologists urged to hug a preprintEwen Callaway & Kendall PowellNature News
2/16/2016Zika virus initiative reveals deeper malady in scientific publishingStephen Currythe Guardian
2/18/2016I’m Excited! A Post Pre-Print-Posting-Powwow PostMichael EisenIt is NOT junk
2/20/2016 ASAPbio: The Dusk of Peer-Reviewed Glamour (a report from a virtual attendance)Alfonso Martinez-AriasMartinez-Arias Lab
2/22/2016A Rainbow Unicorn Wants to Transform Biology PublishingKatie PalmerWired
3/4/2016Who’s Afraid of Preprints? Looking at the Origin and Motivation Behind arXiv for Clues as to Why It’s so SuccessfulPhill JonesDigital Science
3/7/2016Junior biomedical scientists and preprintsGary McDowellF1000Research
3/15/2016Handful of Biologists Went Rogue and Published Directly to InternetAmy HarmonNew York Times
3/17/2016 Taking the online medicineAnanyo BhattacharyaThe Economist
3/18/2016 Would the movement toward early publication of research online revolutionize the life sciences for better or worse?Shana DaloriaKPCC
3/21/2016Preprints – dipping a toe in the waterMichael MarkieF1000
3/25/2016 Are Preprints Becoming the New Norm in Biology? Not So FastCourtney KueppersChronicle of Higher Education
3/26/2016 Has the time come for preprints in biology?Needhi BhallabioRxiv
3/30/2016Preprints in BiologyEditorialNature Methods
4/7/2016 From the NY Times: Biologists went rogue and publish directly on the InternetLilian Nassi-CalòSciELO in Perspective
4/12/2016 ASAPbio and bioRxivRobin SinnThe Sheridan Libraries Blog