University hiring & promotion policies

If you know of additional university policies on the use of preprints in hiring and promotion, please contact us.


UT Austin

This ad for a 2017 tenure-track faculty search asks applicants to send in “up to 5 reprints/preprints.”

The Rockefeller University

In a 2016 fall faculty candidate advertisement,┬ácandidates were prompted to submit “Relevant Publications or Submitted Manuscripts/Pre-prints”

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via Stephen Floor

University of California, Santa Cruz

The ad for a 2016 opening in the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental biology department called for “a list of published manuscripts and pre-prints (no “in preparation”)”


via Needhi Bhalla

Tenure and promotion

UC Davis

A “preprints” category in the online faculty achievements database was announced in an email to faculty.

NYU School of Medicine

Under “Tenure Eligible Track:” Candidate should submit “5-7 recent representative papers, preprints or articles in press”

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