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Take a picture of yourself and/or your coauthors celebrating the submission of a preprint and post it in the comments below (click the icon to at the bottom left of the text field to upload an image). Don’t forget to include a link to the preprint if it’s already available!

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5 thoughts on “Submission selfies

  1. David Schoppik

    The cell bodies of neurons that control the muscles that move the eyes are located in particular parts of the brain. Thanks to Marie (on left), Ann (on right), and Kristen’s hard work, we now know that the organization is even finer than we thought, with neurons that control specific muscles clustering together in an orderly fashion. They also measured when those neurons are born, and found that “birthdate” maps on to their spatial location. You can read all about this intriguing link between developmental timing and functional organization here: .
    I think that was worth ice cream cake, don’t you? #ASAPbioselfie

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