ASAPbio newsletter vol 8 – Scientific Society engagement, a new grant, ASAPbio retrospective

Dear subscribers,

Last month, we held a Town Hall meeting for Scientific Societies at NAS in Washington, DC. The meeting featured presentations by representatives of ASAPbio, NIH, and scientific societies who are innovating with preprints and publishing. More information and a video recording of the meeting is available online.

At the meeting, Neil Thakur of NIH shared results of the NIH’s Request For Information (RFI) on the use of preprints & interim research products in NIH grant applications and reports, which were overwhelmingly in favor of preprints. His slides are available to download here.

Also at the meeting, we announced a new $1 million grant to ASAPbio (which recently incorporated as a non-profit) that will help to catalyze the development of the Central Service. For more information about the service, please see our blog post that accompanied the release of an RFA (closing date April 30) and a list of principles and requirements established by funders.

Finally, it’s been a little over one year since our first meeting at HHMI Headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD. While we didn’t realize it at the time, that conference would turn out to be the catalyst for a year of work in promoting a culture of preprinting in biology. To celebrate, we’ve put together an interactive timeline detailing the history of ASAPbio along with major developments in preprint policy. View it here.

Stay tuned for more Central Service developments concerning community governance!

Ron Vale, Founder
Jessica Polka, Executive Director