ASAPbio newsletter – vol 1

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As part of the followup to last month’s productive meeting, ASAPbio organizers and attendees have been working to spread discussions about preprints to the broader community. Recent articles at Wired, NYTimes, and The Economist have certainly moved the needle in this regard!

Please help keep the conversation going by taking one or more of the following actions:

  1. Take the survey on preprint preferences here. We’re trying to understand what attributes of preprint servers are most desired by the community – and whether one or several would be most beneficial. You responses will remain confidential.
  2. Post a submission selfie – take a photo of yourself and your coauthors celebrating a preprint submission and post it here.
  3. Become an ASAPbio AmbassadorSign up to act as a representative for ASAPbio efforts at your institution. We’ll get in touch to provide materials to make organizing local “town hall” events easier. We are preparing this material now and it should be available within one month at the preprint info center on
  4. Help us keep track of progress by leaving a comment with any news (a change in journal policies, a local event – even in the early stages of organization – a new article, etc,)  here.


ASAPbio organizers